STAESA Summer Camp Program

Our summer camp program is designed for those willing and ready to leave their comfort zone and take up new challenges and touch lives. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty while making an impact on those less fortunate? Then STAESA Summer Camp is for you! You may join our program as part of a group, or you may come alone. The advantage of coming as a group is enjoying the group discount. The bigger the group the bigger the discount. Our program structure is very relaxed and safe, with the benefit of hands on experience. The summer camp program begins in May and ends in August.

The summer camp can be attended for a minimum duration of 2 weeks, and a maximum duration of 3 weeks. As a group you will enjoy our free sightseeing, free local drumming and dancing lessons, and free cooking lessons.

Fees: Aside from your normal program fee that takes care of your food, accommodation, orientation, and airport pick up, we will advise that you do a little fund raising for your summer camp project.

Available countries include South Africa, Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

Options for the Summer Camp Program

Farming Project: Volunteers are placed with the community’s or school’s agriculture project to assist in clearing the land, seedling, watering, and planting.

Orphanage Project: Volunteers will teach, help in the kitchen, participate in games, provide portable drinking water, repair the roofs and toilets, paint/decorate, and create a playground for the orphans.

Construction Project: Volunteers will be building new homes, libraries, and classrooms for the orphans. This work will consist of: clearing a site for the construction work, mixing concrete, molding and laying blocks, fetching water, concreting, and plastering. This program also includes renovation work on existing orphanages and hospitals (repairing the floors, windows, and doors, landscaping, and painting).

Teaching Project: Volunteers will teach basic English, math, science, sports, art, and music. You can also join our After School Project, which will have you working with the kids in the community on their school work, playing games, and other fun activities.

Health Project: Volunteers will participate in landscaping, painting and decorating the children’s wards, and fundraising for medical supplies. If you have any desire to attend medical school or to learn how the health sector in Africa works then this is for you. You will meet with a medical team to understand how each department in the hospital works. You will begin by observing the duties below until you are confident in handling the tasks yourself. Laboratory Department: Labeling and packaging lab samples. Pharmacy Department: All dispensary activities, including labeling and packing patients’ medication. HIV/AIDS Department: Counseling and testing, visit schools to educate the kids about the illness, and distribution of condoms to the public.

After School Project: Volunteers will work with children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old. Kids are taken out of the streets after school hours and during school holidays. These kids are kept busy participating in meaningful activities, such as: motivational talks, gardening/farming, computer lessons, English, math, science, reading, sports, community cleaning projects, and tree planting. This project helps prevent children from getting involved in the social problems of the community. In addition, this project benefits the kids’ school work and their general wellbeing. The project is all year round, and anyone can join to make a difference in the lives of these children.