STAESA Internships

Specialist assistance with program selection to meet your goal, Dedicated staff mentor, Training and tuition on site, Hands on professional experience, one on one evaluation meeting, Certification and summary of training and experience to be given to you or to your institution.

During your first and second weeks you will spend time observing, doing minor jobs, working with staff on site while getting more knowledge on the program.

Interns start volunteer work after the week of observation. We understand how prepared and ready you want to jump on the job to help but we will advise you to please be patient and go through the observation period.

STAESA internship program includes group program as well as individual program. The program is strategically designed to include students, gap year students and workers.

STAESA internship program does not only benefit the interns, but also benefit the communities and the local organization they will be working with. Getting the program participants involved in the planning of the program help to meet the overwhelming requirement at the end of the program. Once you join this program, it will be likely that you will want to remain in Africa. The program meets the requirement of your universities/institutions, meets your goal of coming to Africa and also changes lives. Are you a student who needs this program for academic credit? Are you a gap year student who needs this program for further studies? Do you want to learn new things and broaden your knowledge for further studies or for a career? Do you need this program to help you change a career? STAESA internship program is for you!

Please note that other disciplines can also join our internship program. If your area of study or interest is not stated here please contact us and we will send you more information regarding your program.

Click below for a document that describes all the STAESA internship programs and in which countries they operate.