General Program Info

Accommodation and Meals

When working with STAESA, you have the option to be placed with a host family or be allowed to find independent accommodation if you so choose.

Host family accommodation: With the host family, you will have your own room and three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with your host family every day. You will do your own laundry with your hands. You will be integrated completely into the family and take part in their activities as well. Hence you will receive a unique insight into the culture and people of Africa. Your host family might be a married couple or a single person with or without children; they may or may not have pets. All the host families live close to local marketplaces, internet cafes, post offices, hospitals, and restaurants.

Independent accommodation: You can also choose to stay independently where you cook for yourself. The country or project coordinator will be available to teach you how to cook local dishes. STAESA can help you arrange accommodation in your country of choice.

With both host family and independent accomodation electricity and running water are available. In some countries and projects, there might not be running water available at all times; if this is the case, we will let you know beforehand.

Typical Schedule

Work begin at 8am and lasts until 4pm. Morning sessions are always very busy with many activities and in the afternoon work usually slows down but you always have something to do on the program. You will have an hour from 12 - 1pm to enjoy your packed lunch before starting the afternoon session.

Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday. Weekends have been left free for your own leisure so that you will have time to explore the country.