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Simon A. Kudzo: International Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Director for STAESA

Rev. Simon A. Kudzo worked hard to get the basic education needed for humanitarian practice and community development work. He graduated from high school, majoring in English literature. In college, he worked toward an intermediate degree focusing on community development and volunteer work. Before joining Global Crossroad as the South Africa country coordinator, Kudzo worked with several reputable NGOs in Africa. Rev. Kudzo believes in cross cultural learning opportunities and promoting global peace through mutual understanding and friendship. He helps to bring these remarkable volunteer programs into South Africa and makes sure that they benefit both the local community and the volunteers involved.

Education: Degree: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK (ACCA) | Intermediate Education: Community Development and Volunteering

Experience: 1989-1993: Teaching in orphanage home / community hospital | 1993-1995: Work as a rural volunteer coordinator for Youth Link of Africa, South Africa | 1995-Work as executive director of Travel and Exposure, South Africa

Interests: I have been working in the international volunteer area for many years. I love working with international volunteers and exchanging ideas with them. Wonderful South Africa has many things to offer for volunteers who love adventure. I assure you that I will try my best to make your volunteer abroad experience memorable and pleasing.