Village/Project Adoption

Village Adoption

Adoption of a village is one of the major request we received – You really want to help a nation not helping just an individual. Village adoption program is for you! Village Adoption program is for families, Schools, Individuals, CEOs, cooperate businesses, Business men and women. Whatever help you give to the village really help everyone and that really makes it more interesting. STAESA placed you in a very poor village. Majority of the villagers live in a mud houses and seek out a living by farming small plots of land. The majority in the village live on less than 35 Euros, 40USD equivalent 20 UK pounds equivalent. The villages are deprived from portable drinking water, decent school block, lack of proper educational facilities / teachers , accessible to quality health is very difficult - the village have to walk long distances to access a health service, no decent place of inconvenient, kids/youth development programs are lacking, school dropout/early pregnancy and early immortality is the order of the day, hunger/poverty is high and can be seen everywhere in the village, unemployment is everywhere in the village. The problems look so scary and enormous but the solution to these problems is very simple. We believe in partnership with you or your team we can bring solution to the problems in these villages and bring life to the problem. To be a member of Village adoption volunteer you don’t have to get solution to all the problems in the village. We believe in just solving one or two problems in the village the rest of the problems will be solved by the member of the village. That is what we mean by bringing life into the village. All that the village sometimes needs is to have someone like you to take the lead and show the way out. We can adopt the saying “teach me how to fish and don’t just give me fish every time” The people in the village are very committed, dedicated, smart and lovely people who can help make things happens.

Come with your ideas! Come with your charisma! Come with your leadership drive skills!! To adopt a whole village is very simple and easy. You will be working with the entire village folks who like to learn and adapt to new changes regarding development in the village.

When you or your team join STAESA village adoption program you will be in partnership with the elders, the king and the queen of the village to be in charge and control of the programs/projects in the village. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

For those individuals who desire to roll-up their sleeves and get “dirty” in an effort to bring meaningful change to a village in Africa, STAESAS has many village volunteer opportunities.


Project Adoption

Volunteer can also choose to adopt a specific project in the village. Adopting a particular project in the village actually help to accelerate development project in the village. We already have existing projects that needs helping hands to make it happen. In some cases the volunteer works in partnership with the village to tailor a project that will bring a meaningful change in the village. The volunteer is involved in the planning of the project till the finishing of the project. The volunteer will help in the fund raising activities towards the project and also help in design a program to keep the project up and running after completion.

General Info for Both Programs Above

Project Location: Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Malawi, Mali and in Lesotho

Fees – Aside your normal program fee that takes care of your food, accommodation, orientation and airport pick up, we will advise that you do some more fund raising for the project in the village.