Students Travel and Exposure South Africa is a nonprofit organization based in South Africa which operates in many African countries. STAESA offers a variety of internships and volunteer programs in Africa dealing with health, education, poverty, and many more. Our interesting, unique and affordable programs are not only a great way to learn about Africa, but are also an excellent opportunity to provide relief to the people and communities in Africa.

We promote and enhance cultural exchange, and we develop over 50 communities in 15 countries in Africa. Together we make a great difference in the lives of the people of Africa. We know that STAESA's programs will open up a new world for you and we want you to join us and explore. We will take you from the top of Africa down to the heart of its people. You will have a fun and life-changing experience with us.

Our programs are not meant only for students; they are aimed at anyone over 18 years old. We receive numerous program participants from all over the world for various programs and projects. If you are a high school student, you can apply to volunteer for West Africa Community Vision, Inc. WACV is operated under STAESA's infrastructure.